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Trading forex and CFDs in margin accounts is risky. So to minimise a failure rate, traders should have a suitable trading plan and choose a reputable partner. This article will talk about one broker you can trust in the market: NSBroker.

What are Forex and CFDs?

Forex is an acronym for “foreign exchange”. Because forex pairs are always exchanged in pairs, trading forex means selling one currency to buy another on the spot, forward or futures market.

When retail investors want to trade currency pairs, they will enter the secondary off-exchange market via online brokerages where they do CFD trading to speculate on the market movements of chosen assets.
Short for Contracts For Difference, CFDs are prevailing in financial markets because they allow low-income traders to earn money without physically swapping those instruments. If their estimates about subsequent market directions are correct, they will generate profits. Otherwise, they will lose. 

General Information of NSBroker

In 2011, NSBroker was established by NSFX Ltd’s expert crew in Malta. The broker works toward the major principle of providing a creative trading platform, excellent trading tools and fair trading conditions.

 NSBroker does not serve the same role as most online brokerages now: a dealer. Instead, the broker offers a pure ECN (Electronic Communication Network) technology to connect its clients outright with third-party liquidity providers and counterparties to their transactions. This system then collects the best available bids and asks from those market makers at the time your orders are placed.

NSBroker’s Regulation

During 10 years on the market, NSBroker has positioned itself as among the best and most reliable service providers in the European Economic Area (EEA). Their trading services are guaranteed by reputable European regulators to satisfy financial industry norms and support speculative traders to the fullest.


Under the heavy regulation of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), NSBroker endeavours to build a discernibly transparent trading environment for customers.

In addition, the company operates in compliance with the MiFID Compliant to hinder financial frauds, improve fair competition and secure clients’ trading activities and private data.

What’s more, other competent authorities outside Malta grant NSBroker the right to offer trading services in several European jurisdictions as follows:

     Germany: Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) - License No. 131055.

     France: French Prudential Supervisory Authority (ACP) - License No. 74397.

     Spain: National Securities Market Commission (NSMV) - License No. 3354.

     Denmark: FINANSTILSYNET - License No. 9221.

     Italy: Consob - License No. 3597.

How to Trade Available Assets With NSBroker

The account opening process at NSBroker is completely online and instant. The company simplifies the registration through the four following steps:


  1. Enter your full name, email address and phone number in the online sign-up form. You must be older than 18 to possibly trade forex and CFDs at NSBroker.
  2. Verify your trading account. You must send documents of your identity and residence to the broker.
  3. Fund the account with a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $5000. Three payout methods available at NSBroker involve bank transfer, credit/ debit cards and e-wallets (Neteller and Skrill).

Irrespective of your deposit and experience level, only one ECN account type is given. Shortly after successful registration, you can open various real and demo accounts at the same time. Moreover, money transfers between your real accounts are easily implemented in the dashboard.

Advantages of Trading With NSBroker

Besides NSBroker’s operational activities being strictly managed by regulatory entities, trading with the company is considered safe for some other reasons. Furthermore, traders from different regions, except for US speculators, can receive the full spectrum of advantages when opening an account at NSBroker:

Safe Trading With NSBroker

NSBroker’s performance is based on a wealth of the following policies to secure your trading practices and funds from scammers and market risks.


     Investor Compensation Scheme: The MFSA regulates that some cohorts of NSBroker’s traders will obtain reimbursement of up to €20,000 when the company meets no obligations or goes insolvent.


     Negative Balance Protection: NSBroker’s robotic systems and techniques are set up to automatically observe each trade and risk management so that your account balances will be guaranteed to never drop below zero.


     Separated Funds: Your assets are saved in independent bank accounts, so being 100% segregated from the broker’s funds. What’s more, the broker’s financial statements and business functions will be periodically reviewed by the PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to ensure its financial transparency.

Modern Trading Platform

NSBroker provides clients with the versatile trading platform, MetaTrader 5 (MT5), which enables traders to seamlessly approach any financial instrument. 

To help you execute trades anytime and anywhere, NSBroker’s trading platform is developed in three variants that are compatible with any device and system: desktop, mobile and webtrader. Working on MT5, you can benefit from the following features:


     Over 100 customized charts can be opened simultaneously to meet your needs and interests;

     21 time-frames in the charting system;

     40+ graphical objects;

     50+ technical indicators with 17 display styles;

     A market order and six types of pending orders.

     The economic calendar is integrated to track major events and news in real-time.

     Algorithm trading automatically settles transactions based on your input parameters without your programming knowledge.

     Depth Of Market (DOM) displays the best prices and volume of financial products.


MT5 offers demo accounts that accompany virtual money and leverage ratios. This functionality helps you be familiar with financial markets and check how your trading plans work.

Diverse Portfolio

At NSBroker, you will be given 24/5 access to any of over 100 CFD instruments. Those assets  arecategorised into six sub-groups as follows: 

     Forex: 40+ currency pair CFDs are provided by NSBroker with the maximum leverage ratio of 1:30 for majors and 1:20 for minors and exotics.


     Stocks: The world’s famous brand stocks are traded with the 1:5 maximum leverage.


     Share Indices: You can leverage the position of Major and minor index CFDs up to 20 times.


     Energy Carriers: Featured products including Brent Oil and WTI Oil are traded against the USD with the 1:10 maximum leverage.


     Precious Metals: You trade Gold and Silver CFDs relative to the USD with the maximum leverage of 1:20 and 1:10 respectively.


     Cryptocurrency: You can trade cryptocurrency CFDs on the 1:2 maximum leverage.

Low Spreads and Commissions

Over years of operations, NSBroker has tried to keep spreads and commissions comparatively low.
Spreads float as per CFD instruments and market conditions. For forex pairs, these trading fees fluctuate from 0.3 pips for majors, 0.5 pips for minors and 1.9 pips for exotics. Meanwhile, those of other financial products are measured in currency units. 

When it comes to commissions, you can make a fixed payment of $8 provided you open a position of forex pairs, precious metals and energy carriers. Conversely, those trading fees are percentage-based, around 0.5% of the trade value for other CFD products.


Other Fees

No fees are required when you either finance the account or take profits out through bank transfer and credit/ debit cards. Meanwhile, 2.9% of the withdrawal amount is charged once you draw money out via digital wallets, Neteller and Skrill. However, you should track down whether your payment suppliers impose any currency conversion and transaction fee.

Excellent Education

NSBroker helps you to learn about CFD instruments from scratch by developing different forms of educational content:

     Video Lessons: Video lessons which are differently created for beginners, advanced traders and specialists provide essential knowledge about investment products (e.g. forex pairs or index), trading terminologies, common trading mistakes, technical and fundamental analysis, etc. Besides, there are trading platform tutorial videos and crypto-related videos for the inexperienced. Nevertheless, some content is not published for all traders and requires your contact with the account manager to gain access.

     Trading Ebooks, Investment Strategies and Trading for Beginners: Detailed written documents are also provided for free to equip you with fundamentals, trading strategies and so forth.


     Trading Tools: NSBroker offers free supporting tools such as a pip value calculator or a currency converter to facilitate your market analysis and risk management. 

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