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How Can You Buy and Stake Shiba Inu Coin?

  By  Deya Hroob What is Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB)? According to Shiba Inu website SHIB is  an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building.  Shiba token (Shib) is the first cryptocurrency token to be listed and incentivized on  ShibaSwap , our decentralized exchange " they said" . They also claimed that they  locked the 50% of the total supply to Uniswap and threw away the keys!  The remaining 50% was burned to  Vitalik Buterin.   Where to Buy Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB)? You can buy shib coin in many different major exchanges like Bitrue ,    Binance  and    Huobi   but in this article I will focus on Bitrue exchange because aside from buying Shib coin on this exchange , you can also stake your coins and earn extra Shiba.  What is Staking? It is the process of holding a coin to receive rewards. Your funds are frozen ( you can unfreeze them any time ) and for this, you receive passive income in the form of interest. The staking profit depends on the chosen coin. How to
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How, Where To Buy Dogecoin? Is it Worth it?

By Deya Hroob What is Dogecoin? Dogecoin was created by Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon and Jackson palmer from Sydney, Australia. It was officially launched om December 6,   2013. According to CoinMarketCap Dogecoin ranked 7 in the global crypto market cap. Where To Buy Dogecoin? You can buy Dogecoin in different major exchanges like Phemex , Binance and Huobi . In this post I will explain how to buy Dogecoin in Phemex exchange. How to Buy Dogecoin? First, heads to Phemex exchange and click on Buy Crypto , then choose Buy Crypto with Credit Card . Phemex works with well-trusted fiat-to-crypto gateway solution partners, sush as Banxa, Simplex, Moonpay, Coinify and Mercuryo.   Secondly, in the payment details page , choose Dogecoin from the list and Enter the amount or quantity and choose a payment method. (You can choose between Visa , Mastercard or a Bank transfer) then click Buy Now. Thirdly, in the Place Offer page , choose the best offer from different fiat-to-crypto ga

Phemex Exchange To Relist XRP Trading Again

  By  Deya Hroob Phemex has announced today to relist XRP again due to popular demand. The exchange had previously delist the pair because of  the  SEC lawsuit  against Ripple. " Additionally, due to popular demand, we are also bringing Ripple (XRP) back onto the platform!"   Phemex is offering spot and contract trading  for XRP with up to 20x leverage. BOOM!💥 We just listed 8 new coins and they are now available on both spot and contract trading. We are so excited to bring this news to you and hope you will enjoy our expanded offering! Btw, $XRP is back!😉 $BAT $CHZ $MANA $ENJ $SUSHI $SNX $GRT $MKR — Phemex (@Phemex_official) April 28, 2021 The announcement came with intention to add 8 more new coins to trade onto the platform. " We are happy to announce that Phemex is offering spot and contract trading for eight new coins!" Specifically, users can now buy and trade: Basic Attention Token (BAT)

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Phemex Review 2021 : Leverage Trading, Fees, Bonus and Testnet

By Deya Hroob Table of Contents   1.    What is Phemex? 2.    Trade Crypto with Zero Fees 3.    Phemex Bonuses 4.    Earn Crypto ( New Product ) 5.    How to Buy Crypto with Credit Card at Phemex 6.    Phemex Crypto Simulation Trading 7.    Is Phemex Safe? 8.    Things to Be Improved By Phemex 9.    Conclusion   What Is Phemex ? It's  a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, in Singapore. Launched by eight former core developers from financial services company Morgan Stanley. Phemex provides both Spot and Contract trading services with BTC and USD settling. Phemex perpetual contracts can be traded with up to 100 x  leverage. They also offer a non-crypto GOLDUSD trading pair contract. With low fees, fast order execution, and advancd platform features. Phemex has its own app for Android and iOS. The main competitor BitMEX does not have this. At Phemex, the Bitcoin perpetual contract is normally refer

EUR/GBP is Trading into a Descending Triangle

  By  Deya Hroob EUR/GBP Trading Idea Set up EUR/GBP is trading into a Descending Triangle . We can trade this pattern by placing a buy order above the downtrend line Or a sell order below the support structure. Aggressive traders can also sell when the price touches the downtrend line with stop loss just above the line OR buy when price   bounces off the support structure with stop loss below the support. Trade Wise and Good Luck,