Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Should We Buy Tesla Stock Now? Here's What Earnings, Charts Show

By Brian Deagon


Tesla stock has a history of being erratic, with its mercurial Chief Executive Elon Musk frequently drawing attention with bold claims about production and profitability that have been a challenge for analysts to discern.

Now, with production of the Tesla (TSLA) Model 3 in full swing, including at its new China plant, and with the company's Model Y and Cybertruck truck in development stages, Musk has defied skeptics once again.
Tesla stock has surged to record highs over the past nine weeks, reaching a market valuation above $100 billion for the first time, on Jan. 22. Tesla is up more than 208% since Oct. 23, the day before it jumped more than 17% on an earnings-fueled gap up.

Daily Chart Of Tesla

tesla chart

Among recent catalysts for Tesla stock: Billionaire investor Ron Baron said he believes the company has the potential to hit $1 trillion in revenue in 10 years. In addition, Baillie Gifford & Co, Tesla's top shareholder outside of CEO Musk, disclosed that it's raised its stake to 7.67% from 7.46%.
With its market cap now close to $141 billion, Tesla overtook Volkswagen (VWAGY) as the second most valuable auto company. But it's behind Japan's Toyota Motor (TM), which has a market cap of about $198 billion. The market cap of Tesla is more than General Motors (GM) and Ford Motor (F) combined.

Weekly Chart Of Tesla

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Tuesday, 4 February 2020

XRP And XLM Look To End Their Losing Streak



Can XRP Price Rally 180% Again if It Breaks 2-Year Downtrend?

While many altcoins have been showing significant strength during the recent weeks, some have been lagging. One of these coins is XRP (XRP), which is still hovering around key support and has yet to show any upwards pressure recently. 
Exactly what is keeping XRP pinned under the descending trendline? Let’s find out through the charts. 

XRP/BTC faces a 2-year downtrend


The XRP/BTC chart shows the digital asset currently attempting to overcome the significant downwards trendline. As of late, many altcoins have been breaking out of their downtrends and notable examples are Ethereum Classic (ETC), Cardano (ADA) and, even more recently, Icon (ICX).
Ripple seems to be lagging but could be in for a substantial move as well. 

The 4-hour chart is showing a clear breakout of a 2-months downtrend. This breakout was retested a few days ago at 0.00002660 satoshis. Right now, XRP is facing the next big hurdle in the red area around 0.00002950-0.00003000 satoshis. 
Breaking through this level will seemingly take off the price towards the next hurdle and maybe trigger more investors to step into this coin. The next target is found in the 0.00003750 satoshis area.

Saturday, 1 February 2020

‘Litecoin Leads Bitcoin’ — LTC 65% Gains Echo Start of 2019 Bull Run

Litecoin (LTC) hit $70 for the first time since September 2019 this weekend, fuelling speculation it will induce a Bitcoin (BTC) bull run.
Data from Cointelegraph Markets and Coin360 showed LTC/USD passing the notable $70 barrier on Feb. 1, going on to claim local highs of $71.50. 

LTC seals 65% monthly returns

As with many major altcoins, the achievement caps a highly successful month for Litecoin, which on Jan. 1 traded at just $43. 

Daily Chart Of LTC

ltc chart

As shown from the chart LTC is trading above the moving averages which is quite positive. The first resistance lies at $78 which is a Fibonacci level. On the downside, the $60 and the 20-day EMA will provide support.

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Monday, 27 January 2020

Ripple IPO: boom or bust for XRP?



Blockchain payment network Ripple launching an initial public offering (IPO) could, in fact, devalue the cryptocurrency in which it holds a majority stake. 
According to several market participants interviewed by Cointelegraph over the weekend, Ripple going public has potential implications for the fate of altcoin XRP

Ripple IPO: boom or bust for XRP?


The company’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, last week hinted an IPO may occur within the next year. 
In the face of flagging XRP prices, the impetus behind a major fundraising event is clear for commentators, but whether it would reverse the token’s fortunes is not at all clear. 
“Though Ripple is making inroads, it is yet to disrupt the global money transfer system in a major way,” regular Cointelegraph contributor and analyst Rakesh Upadhyay said. “Initially, after the IPO, the market participants might be patient but they will soon seek results. When the results don't come through, it will hurt prices.”
For Upadhyay, Ripple’s lack of progress despite its various deals with major banks and other businesses means harder times are still to come. 

 A telltale sign that liquidity remains problematic is Ripple’s mass selloffs of XRP. As Cointelegraph reported, these were bigger in 2019 than ever before. Even the IPO announcement failed to move XRP/USD significantly higher.

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Sunday, 26 January 2020

Coronavirus, FOMC, BOE, and Brexit Will Lead Week Ahead

By Team

forex market

Wow! I’m sure not many people expected a risk off move this week due to the outbreak of a virus!  With 3 Central Bank meetings (BOC turned dovish) and a return to watching the economic data after US trade deals were signed (USMCA to be signed next week), the most dominant event this week which affected the markets was the Coronavirus.  So far, the virus has killed 26 people and infected more than 900.  China has quarantined cities and canceled many public events during its New Years Holiday, which is expected to take a hit on Q1 GDP.  There have been 2 confirmed cases so far in the US.

On the opening next week, the focus will likely continue to be the Coronavirus.  If there are more confirmed cases over the weekend, especially outside of China, we could see some markets gapping on the open. 

There are two major Central Bank meetings next week, which include the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

EGifter First Merchant To Accept XRP Through BitPay



BitPay, a leading provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services, announced on Jan. 21 the launch of XRP payments and cross-border transfers. BitPay has also added support for XRP — the cryptocurrency used by Ripple’s payment network — to the BitPay Wallet app. 
Although rumors were circulating on Jan. 20 across Twitter and Reddit that BitPay had added support for XRP, the company officially confirmed its work with Ripple’s developer platform Xpring to complete the integration.

According to BitPay’s CMO, Bill Zielke, BitPay merchants around the world are now able to accept XRP without any additional integrations required. Zielke said:

 “With the addition of XRP, BitPay continues to expand consumers’ ability to transact in the currency of their choice and give merchants new exposure to a large base of loyal XRP users intent on driving real-world adoption.”

eGifter first to accept XRP

Zielke also noted that e-commerce site eGifter is one of the first merchants to accept XRP. 

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