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How, Why to Trade the Retest?

 By VasilyTrader Conservative and Aggressive Trading Examples and Advanced Theory    Trade Wise and Good Luck,
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Where to Buy and Get Free Hedera Hashgraph ( HBAR )

 By Deya Hroob What is Hedera Hashgraph ( HBAR )? Hedera Hashgraph is a public network that allows individuals and businesses to create  powerful decentralized applications DApps .   It was founded in 2018 by DR. Lemon Baird and Mance Hrmon. Hedera is the only public ledger that uses hashgraph consensuses, a faster, more secure alternative to blockchain consensuses mechanisms. HBAR token roles is to power Hedera services like smart contracts, file storage and regular transactions. Where to Buy Hedera Hashgraph ( HBAR )?  You can buy HBAR in many different exchanges like Bitrue , Binance and Huobi . In this post I will focus on buying HBAR in Bitrue Exchange since you can earn free HBAR tokens there. How to Get Free HBAR on Bitrue Exchange?      You can earn free HBAR token on Bitrue Exchange by using Power Piggy ( Staking ). Bitrue is known to offer the highest interest rates on many of coins in the staking industry. Let's explain you in details how to do this process. On the top

Gold Trading Idea: Two Scenarios For Next Week Explained (XAUUSD)

 By VasilyTrader Gold Bearish & bullish Scenarios. Entry/stop/targets & full guidance. Trade Wise and Good Luck,


 By VasilyTrader EUR/USD , Gold, Bitcoin , GBP/USD Detailed Analysis and Trading Recommendations  Trade Wise and Good Luck,

Mine SafeMoon for HOKK Coin: 60% APY

 By Deya Hroob Mine SafeMoon for HOKK Bitrue Exchange has announced a unique DeFi mining opportunity starting from MAY 21st at 10:00 UTC.  SafeMoon holders can invest their coins for 7 days and get HOKK coin in return, with an expected  APY of 60% Each 1 SafeMoon will generate approximately 52 HOKK over the 7 days investment period. Starting tomorrow at 10:00 UTC Bitrue is delivering a unique #DeFi mining opportunity. Stake your #SAFEMOON for 7 days to mine for $HOKK at ~60% APY! @hokkaiduinu @safemoon Details: A lot more mining is coming soon, tell us what you want to see! — Bitrue (@BitrueOfficial) May 20, 2021 Bitrue DeFi mining is only available on the Bitrue app, which can be downloaded on Android and iOS  What is SafeMoon Coin? SafeMoon is a very popular DeFi token which launched just a couple of months ago. To promote long term holding of this coin, transaction are taxed by the network at 10%.  A portion of these ded


  By VasilyTrader Technical Analysis and Signals EUR/USD , USD/JPY , Gold , Bitcoin Cash   Trade Wise and Good Luck,

How Can You Buy and Stake Shiba Inu Coin?

By Deya Hroob What is Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB)? According to Shiba Inu website SHIB is an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building.  Shiba token ( Shib ) is the first cryptocurrency token to be listed and incentivized on   ShibaSwap , our decentralized exchange  " they said" . They also claimed that they locked the 50% of the total supply to Uniswap and threw away the keys! The remaining 50% was burned to  Vitalik Buterin.   Where to Buy Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB)? You can buy shib coin in many different major exchanges like Bitrue ,  Binance and Huobi  but in this article I will focus on Bitrue exchange because aside from buying Shib coin on this exchange , you can also stake your coins and earn extra Shiba.  What is Staking? It is the process of holding a coin to receive rewards. Your funds are frozen and for this, you receive passive income in the form of interest. The staking profit depends on the chosen coin. How to Stake Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB)? As I said befo

How to Trade Trendlines : 5 Rules You Should Know

    By  VasilyTrader Basic & advanced secrets and tricks Real examples & best strategies Trade Wise and Good Luck,

XAGUSD Technical Analysis : Identify Buy/Sell Zones

  By  VasilyTrader Learn how to identify buy/sell zones. Real example & analysis on Silver. Trade Wise and Good Luck,


      By  VasilyTrader Detailed analysis & trading recommendations. Technical outlook & signals How, Where To Buy Dogecoin? Is it Worth it? Trade Wise and Good Luck,