Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Crypto Moon Party has just kicked off: analyst

By Tomas Salles


  • Market sentiment remains neutral despite yesterday's hikes, recalling past disappointments after previous pumps.
  • Ethereum is positioned to beat Bitcoin in the next bull market.
  • XRP is hit and misses the upside, but the ball is still in play.
Tuesday was a fantastic bullish day in the cryptocurrency markets, a positive trading day that was announced here with the help of technical analysis a few minutes before it started.
The rises have been widespread, in some cases reaching outrageous magnitudes as is the case of Bitcoin BSV (+70.5%), Bitcoin Gold (+77.38%) or DASH (+47.23%)
Some of these upside proposals are risky since when they occur in illiquid assets, the timing of profit collection can be complicated and take a large part of the profit in the process.

 The winners by trading volume were Bitcoin ($10.9bn), Ethereum ($3.22bn) and Litecoin ($1.54bn). XRP came in sixth place and was below the billion mark at $736.22M.
Despite the rise, market sentiment is in neutral mode, citing statistics from Its sentiment indicator marks 54, on a 0-100 scale (0- extreme fear, 100- extreme euphoria).

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Bitcoin Eyes $9K After Biggest Single-Day Rise in a Month

By Omkar Godbole


  • Bitcoin violated crucial resistance near $8,460 on Tuesday, strengthening the case for a rise to the 200-day average at $9,100.
  • The pullback seen in the last 12 hours or so lacks volume support and could be short-lived.
  • Acceptance under Tuesday's low of $8,100 would abort the short-term bullish bias. Indicators, however, are reporting strong bullish momentum, so a drop below $8,100 looks unlikely.

    Bitcoin jumped sharply on Tuesday, violating key resistance and opening the doors for a test of a widely followed technical line above $9,000.
    The number one cryptocurrency by market value added nearly $800 to its price and ended the day (UTC) with 8.74 percent gains – the biggest single-day gain since Dec. 15, according to  Bitcoin Price Index. 

    Back then, bitcoin had reversed higher from an eight-month low of $6,425 to score its first double-digit gain since Oct. 25. The big move from multi-month lows warned of an impending reversal of the six-month bearish period – a trend change that was confirmed with last week’s 11 percent price gain. 
    That bullish breakout has been bolstered by Tuesday’s move above $8,463 – passing the resistance of a lower high created on Jan. 8.

    As a result, the next major resistance – the 200-day moving average (MA) located at $9,100 – could soon come into play. 
    At press time, bitcoin is changing hands near $8,710, representing a 1.4 percent gain on a 24-hour basis. 
    While prices have pulled back from Tuesday’s high of $8,900, the technical charts suggest it's nothing more than a temporary correction. 

Monday, 13 January 2020

What to Expect : 120 Days Remain Until Bitcoin’s Halving

bitcoin halving

As of today, January 13, 2020, Bitcoin’s halving is just 120 days away, marking the first time such an event will occur since the first-ever cryptocurrency rocketed into the public eye and became a household name.
With the halving drawing nearer, here’s what cryptocurrency investors and Bitcoin believers can expect going into the next four months.

Bitcoin Halving: 120 Days Away and Counting


Before Bitcoin, many attempts at developing a digital-only version of cash had ultimately failed. Through these failed ventures, Satoshi Nakamoto – the mysterious and unknown creator of Bitcoin – coded Bitcoin’s protocol to contain certain failsafes that would not only prevent a double-spend – among the biggest challenges prior developers faced – but also to ensure the asset’s longevity and scarcity.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Ethereum could be undervalued compared to Bitcoin: analyst


ethereum price

On the most recent episode of Laura Shin’s Unconfirmed podcast, senior research analyst for CoinMetrics, Nate Maddrey, spoke about Bitcoin, as well as other altcoins, and how they performed over 2019. Maddrey noted that while Bitcoin was up around 90% over 2019, Ethereum was nearly 5% down on the year.
“This is one of the first years where we’ve really seen that sort of separation between Bitcoin and Ethereum.”
 Bitcoin Daily Chart :

btc chart

 When asked why Bitcoin outperformed most altcoins, he explained that it was mostly due to the bear market, when people tend to consolidate and sell some of the smaller coins. Maddrey also stated that they’re seeing more evidence that Bitcoin is really being used as a store of value. “I think we’re actually starting to see some real compelling data,” he said.

Ethereum Daily Chart :

eth chart

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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Ethereum Classic Technical Analysis: Price Consolidates in the EU/US Session

By Rajan Dhall, MSTA


  • Ethereum Classic is trading 1.18% lower after the recent crypto gains take a breather.

  • The price is heading to the 55 EMA which has been used as support in the past.


     ETC/USD 4-Hour Chart


    The 4-hour chart below shows that the price of ETC/USD is consolidating following recent gains.
    The price has made a lower high wave and now the previous wave low of 4.71 is under threat.
    There are a few things in the way of support nearby.

    The 55 EMA has acted as support in the past on the chart and there is a trendline close to price too.
    Beyond that, the next major psychological level is 4.00.

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Friday, 3 January 2020

TRON: New Incentive Mechanism Officially Announced

By Deya Hroob

Super Representatives

Justin Sun, has announced that a new incentive mechanism was launched on TRON's ecosystem.

His tweet:

How To Claim The Rewards

 SRs ( Super Representatives) need to submit claiming requests via Google Sheets to TRON Foundation including in their requests the team information and contributions they have made to TRON community in terms of technological innovation, ecological construction, global impact and community operation. SRs found to have undermined the community will be disqualified. After distributing rewards, we will announce the results through various channels.

 The rewards will be sent to SRs’ current block generation addresses by default.

TRX/USD is trading now at $0.01334, just below the 20-day moving averages. In order to see further advances TRX must clear both 20-day and 50-day moving averages.

trx/usd chart

Thursday, 2 January 2020

How, Where To Stake XRP? Is It Profitable?

By Deya Hroob

xrp staking

The popularity of staking is growing nowadays. You can easily stake various coins in different exchanges such as Binance and Bitrue.

What is Staking?

It is the process of holding a coin to receive rewards. Your funds are frozen and for this, you receive passive income in the form of interest. The staking profit depends on the chosen coin.

Where To Stake XRP?

 You can stake XRP in Bitrue exchange. There are two ways to stake XRP in Bitrue exchange. 
  1. Hold XRP and earn Interest Rate: 5.3%. Once participated, you will be able to receive your coin interest every day, until you opt out. Holders will earn XRP at 5.3 annual interest as a reward. For every 10,000 XRP put into the program, you will earn 1.45 XRP per day.

Your coins will not be locked so you can opt out anytime you want. Minimum amount to join is 10 XRP

2.  Hold XRP for 30 days and earn Interest Rate: 10.2%. You must hold at least 4,000 BTR to participate in this program. (the native asset on the Bitrue exchange ).

 Holders will earn XRP at a 10.2% annual interest rate as a reward. For every 10,000 XRP put into the program, you will earn 83.8356 XRP totally. Your funds will not be locked so you can opt out anytime you want. Minimum amount to join is 500 XRP.

Is Staking Profitable? 

  As for profits, the actual profits you can make from staking will depend on how much you vest and for how long. The more you stake, the more you can make in profit with staking.