Phemex Invitation Code : Full Guide

 By Deya Hroob

How to use a Phemex Invitation Code 

Phemex platform

Ready to get started trading on Phemex? Follow this beginner's guide on how to use a Phemex Invitation Code and unlock exclusive offers!

How to Claim Your Phemex Invitation Code Bonus?

With the Phemex Invitation Code, you can get up to $4050 in Bitcoin sign-up bonus, as well as 2 BTC and 10,000 USDT trial funds when you register! Take advantage of this great offer today and start your crypto journey with Phemex!

 Claiming Your Phemex Invitation Code Bonus In 3 Simple Steps:

 With Phemex's invitation code bonus, it’s easy for new users to get an extra bonus when signing up. All you have to do is create a Phemex account with our invitation code, GRDML or simply click in this link and our Phemex Code will applied automatically. 
 In the sign up page , make sure that our invitation code is GRDML , as shown in picture below.

phemex sign up

After you signed up successfully, you need to complete the KYC verification process. It is very easy process and just take few minutes to complete. 

Finally, you have to  make a deposit into your account. Once that's done, you can enjoy your additional bonus—simple as that!


Phemex offers two types of tasks you can do to receive generous bonuses. Completing these tasks is an excellent way to get rewarded while learning and growing in the crypto industry!

Types of Bonus at Phemex 

* Basic Tasks

1. Social Media Bonus

 Follow Phemex on Twitter, and retweet their pinned tweet to get a $5 Spot Voucher. As simple as that :)

2. Basic Deposit

Phemex offers a special bonus of $10 spot cashback voucher for single deposits of greater than or equal to $50.

3. Learn & Earn Bonus

phemex learn and earn

With Phemex, you can get your crypto knowledge up to speed and even receive bonuses for doing so. All you have to do is take part in some quizzes related to basic crypto concepts. If you successfully complete the quizzes, you will be rewarded with a cool $4.4 bonus!

4. Copy Trading Bonus

Get a Phemex bonus with a $5 contract cashback voucher when you follow any trader for the first time. You can do this by clicking on Copy Trade icon, and then choose your preferred trader

5. USDT %25 Staking APY Bonus

phemex earn usdt

New Phemex users can take advantage of a bonus when registering for the platform. Right now, Phemex is offering up to 25% APY in their USDT 7D Fixed-Term Savings account with a maximum subscription of 5,000 USDT. 

6. Simulated Trading Trial Fund

phemex testnet simulated

Phemex will give you a simulated trading account with 2 BTC + 10,000 USDT in trial funds that can be used to simulate trades without any fees. 

 * Challenge Tasks

1. Advanced Deposit Bonus

Pass the KYC verification within seven days of registration, and make a deposit of crypto or fiat currency into your Phemex account. Your funds must remain in the contract account without any withdrawal or transfer for five days after depositing. You can achieve reward tiers worth up to $4,000 when you complete this process. Details as shown in the picture below.

phemex Advanced Deposit Bonus

2. Spot Trading Bonus

Take advantage of their bonus offer and get a $10 Spot Cashback Voucher by simply making one spot trade of $100 or more!

3. Contract Trading Bonus

On Phemex, you can earn a bonus of $20 when you make a single contract trade of equal to or greater than $500. This bonus will be rewarded as a Contract Cashback Voucher.

Is Phemex a Good Platform?

Phemex is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides users with lucrative spot, margin and derivatives trading services. It is highly secure, offers competitive fees and has a user-friendly interface. With its wide range of products, Phemex is an excellent platform for both retail and institutional traders.


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