How to Increase Your Holdings with Staking

By Deya Hroob


 Staking allows you to receive rewards by just keeping coins and tokens in your account. By staking your coins, you let them work for you and increase your earnings while they’re sitting in your account. 


Where To Stake Coins?

You can easily stake various coins in different exchanges such as Binance, Bitrue and

In this post we will cover staking coins on exchange.

 Why is it better to stake on CEX.​IO than anywhere else? 


 Usually, other staking platforms lock up users’ funds for a certain timeframe while staking. For ATOM, it’s a mandatory 21 days lockup. Some - lock XTZ for 14 days. 

 With CEX.​IO, you remain in full control of your crypto! You can trade and withdraw your funds at any moment, and you’ll keep getting rewards on your staked coins right up until the funds leave your CEX.​IO balance.


 You can increase your ATOM holdings up to 9% and XTZ holdings up to 7% annually with the CEX.​IO staking program. It’s a great way to earn by simply storing your coins on your CEX.​IO account.

How to participate in CEX.IO staking?

To start participating in staking, you just need to buy supported staking crypto on CEX.IO or deposit it to your CEX.IO account. Your staking reward will be added to your balance automatically. No additional actions are required.

Can I trade while staking? 

 Yes, you can trade your Proof of Stake coins. Your reward will be calculated as long as these coins sit in your CEX.IO account, even if you place an order. However, once your order is fulfilled, the amount of staked coins will change, and your rewards will change accordingly. 

 How does CEX.IO calculate and send rewards? 

 Rewards are calculated every hour and are sent to your account once a month. In the future, we’ll work on increasing the frequency of payouts. If you hold coins less than a month, your reward will still be calculated for the period you held the coins in question. 


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