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When you use TradeAnalysiz Site, various types of personally identifiable information and personally identifiable information about you may become available or subject to collection for specific purposes by TradeAnalysiz or third parties providing us with site usage statistics. TradeAnalysiz is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of such data and does not seek to collect any personal information other than to provide us with qualitative services, analyze the readability of our materials, and evaluate the performance of our products for the Web and mobile devices. You may withdraw your consent to use your personal data at any time to become effective at a later date. 

1.  What information do we collect?

Your e-mail address if you contact us via the feedback form or if you register to obtain (See paragraph 2) - Information obtained through the use of cookies (see paragraph 4) on your computer or device that allows us to identify you when you return to TradeAnalysiz. (You can use your browser settings to change your preferred privacy settings for cookies).

2.  Newsletters

When registering for our newsletters, you agree to our use of your name and e-mail for news purposes in this context. If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletters, click the "Unsubscribe" button at the bottom of our newsletter and follow the instructions.

3.  Links to third parties

TradeAnalysiz Site may include links to sites owned and operated by third parties. Please note that TradeAnalysiz is not responsible for the privacy policies of those sites.

4.  Cookies

Our site use so-called "cookies" to make our services easier to use, more efficient and more secure. It is a small text file that is stored on your computer and saved by your browser. Most of the websites you visit use cookies to make it easier for you to use the site by making the site "remember", either for your visit to the site or through repeated visits. They are used for various purposes, including the preservation of your search preferences and help you use our services and display the commercials chosen for you. The data for your visit to the site is stored in a cookie file for review during your next visit to our site. In this way we can identify you during your next visit to our website and tailor our services to your needs. You can prevent or limit the use of cookies in your browser. Some of the "cookies" we use are temporary files that are automatically deleted after your visit. The "cookies" files on your computer do not damage or contain viruses.
Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings. (Alternatively, you can opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting

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