Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Crypto Moon Party has just kicked off: analyst

By Tomas Salles


  • Market sentiment remains neutral despite yesterday's hikes, recalling past disappointments after previous pumps.
  • Ethereum is positioned to beat Bitcoin in the next bull market.
  • XRP is hit and misses the upside, but the ball is still in play.
Tuesday was a fantastic bullish day in the cryptocurrency markets, a positive trading day that was announced here with the help of technical analysis a few minutes before it started.
The rises have been widespread, in some cases reaching outrageous magnitudes as is the case of Bitcoin BSV (+70.5%), Bitcoin Gold (+77.38%) or DASH (+47.23%)
Some of these upside proposals are risky since when they occur in illiquid assets, the timing of profit collection can be complicated and take a large part of the profit in the process.

 The winners by trading volume were Bitcoin ($10.9bn), Ethereum ($3.22bn) and Litecoin ($1.54bn). XRP came in sixth place and was below the billion mark at $736.22M.
Despite the rise, market sentiment is in neutral mode, citing statistics from Its sentiment indicator marks 54, on a 0-100 scale (0- extreme fear, 100- extreme euphoria).

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