Sunday, 19 July 2020

What Would You Build on the Moon for 200 BTC?


As I'm preparing myself to WSOT competition by ByBit  with up to 200 BTC

prize pool, I'm thinking of what I could do with 200 BTC if I won this competition?

Putting this into perspective for a second. I’m currently in possession of 200 BTC which roughly converts to about 1.8 million US dollars. Assuming I have a dream chaser space shuttle which allows you to transport cargo and people completely at your own disposal to and from the moon, what couldn’t I possibly build up there?

Realistically speaking, building a space station is next to impossible with the limited amount of funding available to us.

What I would propose is this:

·         Take a 3D printer and haul it to the moon. The first step would be to adapt it to use the sand on the moon as material to create structures. Making the best use of the resources that we have at hand.

·         Solve the issue of no power with solar panels, power the 3D printer through it and get to work building livable infrastructures.

·         Solar panels are definitely the best choice for power related issues due to the sun’s rays falling directly on the moon.

·         Radiation is going to be a key issue, getting a radiation shield made for the structure would be the next step! Protecting ourselves from the sun’s radiation is key towards surviving on the moon.

·         Nights on the moon may be harsh, keeping in mind they last for about 2 weeks (Earth relative time). We would need to get batteries to store energy to last us during those cold nights where we would need light and heat.

·         Solving the problem of Oxygen generation would come next.

·         Once we have the structures set up (while wearing oxygen tanks of course), proper insulation would be installed into the structures to maintain no air leakage.

·         Plants and other vegetables could be brought in under controlled conditions to provide sustenance and oxygen needed to survive.

·         Scientists have stated previously that water could only exist in the craters of the moon so that is where we set up our water sources in the meanwhile. These will have to be restocked from time to time.

After all this is done, what would there be left to do? Nothing except opening up the mini fridge, taking out a Coke, sitting on a chair inside the structure that we’ve built and tipping a glass to the sun. We’ve made our own private crib on the moon! Of course, we won’t have Netflix to pull us through but we can worry about Satellite TV once we have more bitcoin in our pocket. 

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