Thursday, 19 November 2020

Bitcoin Near It's Highest Historical Level

 By Deya Hroob

Bitcoin rose in early trading, Wednesday, near its highest historical level recorded on December 16, 2017, amid the increasing demand for high-risk investment.


This comes, with the continued announcements of global pharmaceutical companies, which have reached promising results in clinical tests, for vaccines that eliminate the Corona virus, which prompted traders to exit from safe havens such as gold and dollars, to stock markets and virtual currencies.

By the time (5:00 GMT), the price of the most famous virtual currency unit, "Bitcoin", had risen to 18.3 thousand dollars, up from 17.4 thousand dollars in evening trading, Tuesday.


Bitcoin had recorded its highest historical level with a market value of 19.7 thousand dollars per unit, after which it started a sharp downward journey and reached 3500 dollars early last year.


The market value of the total 18.54 million Bitcoin units in circulation around the world out of 21 million units was approximately $ 339.4 billion.

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