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Mine SafeMoon for HOKK Coin: 60% APY

 By Deya Hroob

hokk coin

Mine SafeMoon for HOKK

Bitrue Exchange has announced a unique DeFi mining opportunity starting from MAY 21st at 10:00 UTC. 

SafeMoon holders can invest their coins for 7 days and get HOKK coin in return, with an expected  APY of 60%

Each 1 SafeMoon will generate approximately 52 HOKK over the 7 days investment period.

Bitrue DeFi mining is only available on the Bitrue app, which can be downloaded on Android and iOS 

What is SafeMoon Coin?

SafeMoon is a very popular DeFi token which launched just a couple of months ago. To promote long term holding of this coin, transaction are taxed by the network at 10%.

 A portion of these deducted funds are burned, while a separate portion are redeployed into a liquidity pool with BNB on PancakeSwap.

What is HOKK Coin?

HOKK is a peer-to -peer cryptocurrency with built-in Automated rewards Farming ( ARF) technology. Just hold HOKK in your wallet, and watch your balance grow.

Their team is working on creating dApps and similar utility tools on the network despite opting to make the entire supply of the token available to the public, no coins have been reserved for team members.

SafeMoon Coin Price

HOKK Coin Price


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